Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Happenings for BUF Families

Greetings BUF Families,

Spring has sprung around Bellingham! I hope you are enjoying the mild weather, the blooming flowers and the longer days. There are a few things of special interest for BUF Families that I want to make sure you are aware of-- read on to learn about:

  • Easter Egg Dyeing (after Community Night Dinner)-- 4/1
  • Lettered Streets Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt at Fouts Park, 4/4 at 10:00 am
  • Easter Egg Hunt-- 4/5
  • UU History Film Series Part 4: Universalism-- 4/8
  • Children's Worship Service-- 4/12
  • Coming of Age Workshop: Dealing With Failure-- 4/12
  • RE Sponsored Community Night Dinner (A Local Feast) and Film-- Viva La Causa: The Story of Cesar Chavez and A Great Movement For Social Justice-- 4/15
  • C2C Partnership Celebration-- 4/19
  • UU History Film Series Part 5: Evolution-- 4/22
  • Memorial Service for the BUF Van-- 4/26
  • UU History Film Series Part 6: The Hundred Year Waltz-- 4/29
  • Coming of Age Retreat-- 5/1-5/3
  • Spring Youth Conference-- 5/1-5/3
  • Farm Worker March for Dignity-- 5/3
  • Children's Worship Service-- 5/10
  • RE Sponsored Community Night Dinner-- Theme TBD-- 5/13
  • Coming of Age Recognition Service-- 5/17
  • Everybody's Birthday-- 5/24
  • Send Off Service and Celebration for Andy and Crystal-- 5/31
  • Teacher Appreciation Breakfast and Recognition 6/7
  • Multigenerational Worship--Bridging (Recognition of Graduating Seniors)-- 6/14
  • Multigenerational Worship-- Flower Communion-- 6/21
  • Summer Childcare Begins-- 6/28

Easter Egg Dyeing (after Community Night Dinner)
Wednesday, April 1, 6:45 p.m., Social Hall
Join us for our annual Easter Egg Dyeing tradition. BUF will supply dye and decorations. You bring 1 dozen (or how ever many eggs you wish to dye) hard boiled eggs.

Lettered Streets Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt at Fouts Park, April 4 at 10:00 a.m.

BUF Children's Easter Egg Hunt
Sunday, April 5, 10:30 a.m.
BUF kids will participate in an Easter Egg Hunt and play outdoor games at Fouts Park during their regular RE hour. Kids start in the Sanctuary with parents, as usual.

UU History Film Series Part 4: Universalism
Wednesday, April 8, 6:20 p.m.
This film documents the development of Universalism from the early German and English Priests to John Murray-- including the explosion of Universalist churches in America during the first half of the 19th Century.

Children's Worship Service
Sunday, April 12, 10:30 a.m.
Children in grades K-5 will participate in a special worship service just for them. Children will begin in the Flex Room (not the sanctuary) and will be taking a special collection for a charity to be determined by them in May.

Coming of Age Workshop: Dealing With Failure
Sunday, April 12, 6:30-8:00 p.m., Flex Room
Coming of Age youth and mentors will participate in a special workshop on dealing with failure led by Anna Ringsred, olympic speed skater.

RE Sponsored Community Night Dinner (A Local Feast) and 
Film-- Viva La Causa: The Story of Cesar Chavez and A Great Movement For Social Justice
Wednesday, April 15, Dinner at 6:00 p.m., Movie at 6:45 p.m.
Come for a wonderful local feast prepared by Roz Reynolds and her team of helpers. Then join us, in the library, for a multigenerational movie event to learn about the inspiring work of Cesar Chavez to help us prepare for participating in the Farm Worker's March for Justice on May 3.

BUF and C2C Partnership Celebration
Sunday, April 19, 12:00 noon, Social Hall
The whole congregation is invited to stay after the service on April 19 for a delicious lunch prepared by Christopher Griffen. We will be reporting back to the congregation about the important work of our partner organization, Community to Community. Youth and older children are especially encouraged to attend in order to learn more about social justice work in our community. We will have a special table with sign making supplies-- children and youth will be invited to make signs to carry in the Farm Worker's March for Dignity on May 3.

UU History Film Series Part 5: Evolution
Wednesday, April 22, 6:20 p.m., Library
This film follows both movements through the late 19th and 20th centuries-- from biblical oriented religions to our non-credal movement.

Memorial Service for the BUF Van
Sunday, April 26, 5:00 p.m., BUF Parking Lot
Well friends, I am sad to say that our beloved van has reached the end of it's life. We have enjoyed the van immensely. We were able to put our own stamp on it by painting it back in 2008, it has taken high school and middle school youth to cons, transported C2C youth to their events, transported food and goods to BUF retreats and other events-- all in all-- it had a good life and it served us well. Our high school youth will lead us in a good bye celebration before it rests in peace at Z Recycling. All interested parties are invited to our send off celebration. 

UU History Film Series Part 6: The Hundred Year Waltz
Wednesday, April 29, 6:20 p.m., Library
This film documents the century-long courtship of our two movements that culminated in their merger in 1961. It follows us through our first half century and discusses where we may go from here.

Coming of Age Retreat
Friday, May 1, 6:00 p.m.- Sunday, May 3, 10:30 a.m. at BUF
Coming of Age youth and mentors will spend the weekend at BUF with an all day retreat on Saturday in the woods (location TBD). Youth will participate in many activities that will prepare them to share their credo statements with the congregation on May 17.

PNWD Youth Conference, Spring 2015
Friday, May 1-Sunday, May 3
High School youth are invited to participate. Check with Alicia Alford for more information about this year's con.

Farm Worker March for Dignity
Sunday, May 3, 11:45 a.m. (after the worship service)
ALL BUFsters of ALL AGES are invited to join our partners from Community to Community, as well as the people who grow our food, for this annual march. We will leave right after the service and walk to Cornwall Park with the signs we made on April 19th. We will join the farm workers and supporters who marched 19 miles (from Lynden) earlier in the morning to celebrate with them. If you are able, please make a potluck dish and drop it off in the entry way at BUF-- your dish will be transported to the park after the service.

Last Children's Worship Service of the Year
Sunday, May 10, 10:30 a.m. Flex Room
Children in grades K-5 will participate in a special worship service just for them. Children will begin in the Flex Room (not the sanctuary) and will be voting on a charity to share the special collection they have been collecting all year with.

RE Sponsored Community Night Dinner-- Theme TBD
Wednesday, May 13, 6:00 p.m.

Coming of Age Recognition Service
Sunday, May 17, 10:30 a.m.
Fourth and Fifth grade students as well as all middle school and high school youth are invited to join the congregation for this special worship service to honor the work of the youth involved in Coming of Age. We will discuss the developmental Identity Crisis that occurs in our youth as well as the Midlife Crisis that many experience in later years. Our youth will share their personal credo statements. This is one of the most inspiring services of the year-- you won't want to miss it!

Everybody's Birthday
Sunday, May 24, 11:45 a.m.
Join us for this fun, multigenerational, annual tradition where everybody gets to eat cake! Birthday cake, that is-- we have tables set up during coffee hour for each month of the year-- adult and child participants head to the table with their birthday month and they all decorate a cake together. Once decorated, we light a candle and sing happy birthday. It is so fun to revisit your table group each year to celebrate together! Gluten free cupcakes will be available for those with dietary restrictions.... Volunteers are needed to make cakes and frosting-- contact Crystal if you can help!

Send Off Service and Celebration for Andy and Crystal
Sunday, May 31, 10:30 a.m.
Andy and Crystal will lead this thoughtful and musical service. We will share how our experiences as staff members at BUF have shaped us into the people we are today as well as share our thoughts about the current moment in BUF's evolution. Celebration to follow.

Teacher Appreciation Breakfast and Recognition
Sunday, June 7, 9:30 a.m.
Our RE Teachers work hard all year providing religious education to our children. This breakfast is a chance for me (and you) to thank them for the efforts. If you would like to help with the breakfast, please contact Crystal. Even if you aren't able to help-- please take a moment to find your child's teachers over the next few weeks and thank them! RE Teachers will also be recognized formally in the worship service.

Multigenerational Worship--Bridging 
(Recognition of Graduating Seniors)
Sunday, June 14, 10:30 a.m.
BUFsters of all ages are invited to join us for a multigenerational story about the Sea Child Thing and celebrate our graduating seniors as we send them out into the adult world.

Multigenerational Worship-- Flower Communion
Sunday, June 21, 10:30 a.m.
BUFsters of all ages are invited to join us for a new take on an old tradition. We will have our annual Flower Communion service to celebrate the end of the church year.

Summer Childcare Begins
Sundays, June 28-September 7, 10:30 a.m.
During summer Sundays, children begin in the sanctuary with their parents. After the opening sequence, they are invited upstairs for "supervised activities." We staff Sundays with High School and Middle School youth and provide care for children ages 3-11. Summer sessions include a chalice lighting and check in, games and/or art activities. Younger children are asked to stay with their parents-- we have a comfort room in the back of the sanctuary for your convenience. More information will be available as we get closer to the summer session.

Well-- that's it for now! I hope to see you at many of these wonderful events and activities!


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Winter Happenings...

Greetings BUF Families,

It is that time again for an update about what is happening in RE this winter!

First I want to say a big THANK YOU for the wonderful surprise during our annual Posada Celebration! Your generous gift of much needed spa time, wine, and cash was an amazing lift of spirit for me. I have been loving all of you for a long time now-- what a blessing to read your kind words and be on the receiving end of such heartfelt generosity!!! I went home and read the card and was moved to tears by our mutual love and respect, gratitude and support. Thanks so much!

Read on to learn more about:
  • Youth Service-- making connections... (2/1)
  • Children's Worship-- Sharing Our Love (2/8)
  • Coming of Age Workshop (2/8)
  • RE Sponsored Community Night Dinner (2/11)
  • General Announcements
    • New Sign-In Procedure for Wednesday Night Childcare
    • RE Auction Basket-- Children's Books and Music
    • New Chalice Circles Forming...
Multigenerational Youth Service-- making connections
Sunday, February 1, 10:30 am
Our high school youth are preparing the worship service for the congregation on February 1st. They have been very inspired by the "circle worship" experiences they have at youth conferences and they want to bring that experience to all of us. The service will undoubtedly be interactive and fun for members and friends of all ages-- I hope you will come to support them and be inspired by them!

Children's Worship-- Sharing Our Love
Sunday, February 8, 10:30 am
Children in grades K-5 will begin in the flex room to discuss the power of love. After our service, we will make cards for BUF members and friends who are in need of a little extra love this season. We always take a special collection during our services so please send your child upstairs with a little cash to add to our collection jar. We choose a charity to share the money with in June.

Coming of Age Workshop-- Your God Project: the God you don't believe in vs. the God you do
Sunday, February 8, 6:30-8:00
This workshop is for coming of age youth and mentors-- definitely more fun and interactive than history so be sure and come! 

RE Sponsored Community Night Dinner-- 
Tu B'Shevat "Seder"
Wednesday, February 11, 6:00 pm
We will celebrate the gifts of trees at this Jewish inspired, fruit and nut centered dinner! Roz Reynolds has done an amazing job of coordinating one dinner a month-- especially for us! I know she would love to put together a team of helpers-- please consider joining her for fun in the kitchen if you have the availability! You can reach her at

New Sign-In Procedure for Wednesday Night Childcare!
We want to make sure that everyone is safe at BUF and we want to support our childcare providers by making their assignment Crystal Clear on Wednesday nights. Please walk your child(ren) upstairs and sign them in to childcare and also sign them out. Thanks for your assistance with this important new safety procedure!

RE Gift Basket for the Auction!
The RE Committee would like to donate a gift basket to the Auction this year! We are accepting donations of your favorite children's book and/or music CD. Let's help some lucky family create a really wonderful library! Donations of new (or gently used) books and CD's will be accepted. The donation box will be kept in Room 3. Thanks for participating!

New Chalice Circles are Forming...
Chalice Circles meet monthly, usually in people's homes, and they discuss topics of spiritual inquiry. If you are interested in being part of a group, please let me know your availability-- we have day, evening, and weekend group options.... Check out recent session plans and general structure information by visiting our website at

That's it for now!

Happy New Year,

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

December Activities!

Greetings BUF Families,

The holidays are fast approaching. As you may imagine-- there are many things going on at BUF to celebrate them!  Here is what is happening for children and youth in December:

  • YRUU (high school youth group) canceling regular sessions until the new year....
  • Religious Education Classes and Sunday mornings-- Holiday focus in December, Lessons of Loss in January
  • Hogwarts Christmas Banquet-- 12/3
  • Children's Choir Rehearsals for Pageant (12/21) and Christmas Eve (6:00 pm service)-- 12/7, 12/14
  • Middle School visits Church of the Assumption-- 12/7
  • Holiday Craft Night with BCS-- 12/10
  • Posada-- 12/13
  • YRUU Bake Sale and Shopping for Interfaith Family-- 12/14
  • Coming of Age Workshop-- 12/14
  • Pageant Service-- 12/21
  • Christmas Eve--12/24, 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

High school students and advisors are busy this time of year so we decided to temporarily cancel regular meetings from now until January. In the meantime youth group will still meet for fun activities and events! We will announce such happenings here and youth can always find the latest information on the “BUF YRUU Group” Facebook page. If you have any questions you may contact Alicia Alford (lead advisor) at or call/text (360) 510-3908.

Religious Education-- Holiday Focus:
Sunday, November 30-- Wrapping up Hogwarts curriculum: preparing children for Hogwarts report to the congregation and creating decorations for Hogwarts Banquet on December 3. Sprit Play and Middle School meet as usual. I will also be asking children about their participation preferences in the pageant on December 21.
Sunday, December 7-- Holiday gift making-- various craft stations will be set up in the flex room. Middle School visits the Church of the Assumption-- youth should arrive to BUF by 10:00 a.m. (RE Teacher meeting at 12:00 to prepare for Lessons of Loss).
Sunday, December 14-- Children's Worship-- Hanukkah-- stories, crafts, dreidel.... 
Sunday, December 21-- Christmas Pageant-- Spirit of the Christmas Tree. Children who wish to sing in the choir for this service should attend December choir rehearsals! Depending on how many singers we have-- most of the pageant parts will be non-singing parts.... Children wanting to be Mary, Joseph, Shepards, Wise People, Angels, Animals.... Should let me know by (or on) Sunday, November 30th.
Sunday, December 28-- Game Day! RE Teacher Holiday! Various board games will be set out in the Flex room. Substitute RE Volunteers/parents will play games with children on this Sunday. 

Religious Education-- January: Lessons of Loss
Children and youth from k-8 will focus on death, dying, and grief with this wonderful UU curriculum. There are 4 sessions for each age group. Parents are encouraged to think about how their children might respond to this topic. Recent losses might come to the surface. Please feel free to contact me or your child's RE teachers if you have concerns. We have used this curriculum before-- several years ago-- to great effect. Children and RE Teachers alike seemed to really appreciate  the discussions and rituals and unique opportunity to delve into this important topic. We found it to be deep and meaningful but not intense or depressing. I'm hopeful that this will be our experience again. 

RE Sponsored Community Night Dinner-- Hogwarts Christmas Banquet!
Next Wednesday, December 3, recent graduates of the Hogwarts Magical School of Unitarian Universalist Principles (and everyone else) are invited to celebrate at a culminating banquet -- Christmas at Hogwarts! Join us for the RE-sponsored Community Night Dinner, and enjoy some Harry Potter wackiness with your pumpkin juice. The dinner starts at 6:00; cost is $5 per adult, $4 per child, $12 for families with small children.
On that same note:
Wanted: House Elves!
That's right, no banquet at Hogwarts takes place without much hard work behind the scenes, and the same is true at BUF. If you can help cook, set up, or clean up, please sign up on the following link:
Also, we will need some help with decorating earlier in the day, and possibly advance food prep. I realize some of you might have other things to do during the day, but if anyone is able to lend a hand during the day, please get in touch with Roz Reynolds (, or golly, just show up any time after 11:00!

Children's Choir Rehearsals
Sundays December 7 and December 14 after the service from 11:45-12:30 (possibly Saturday, December 20...).
Children will be rehearsing songs for the Christmas Pageant (on December 21) and also for a song to share at the 6:00 p.m. Christmas Eve service. Children wishing to be in the Pageant but not in the choir should check in with Crystal on Sunday, November 30.

Middle School visits: Church of the Assumption
Sunday, December 7 (service at 10:30)
Middle School youth should arrive at BUF by 10:00 a.m. to carpool (or walk) over to Assumption. Coming of Age participants should remember to mark down their points for attending!

Holiday Craft Night with BCS
Wednesday, December 10, 5:00 p.m. 
Come early for dinner and make some crafts in this joint event with BUF and Bellingham Cooperative School. There are always great gift ideas and lots of supplies!

Saturday, December 13, 5:00-8:00 p.m.
You won't want to miss this annual tradition! We will share a Mexican feast at 5:00 p.m. then Rev. Paul Beckel will tell the story of Maria and Joseph as they searched for an Inn on the fateful night when Jesus was born. We will wander the neighborhood caroling and acting out the parts of the journey. We will have a 4th or 5th grade Mary riding an actual donkey (pony), with a singing Joseph and "mean" innkeepers. We will then return to BUF where we will be welcomed in for cookies, hot chocolate and pinatas.  It is a truly magical night that children remember for years!  We hope you will join us.  

We still need some volunteers to bring cookies, to set up for dinner and decorate the social hall, and to help clean up at the end of the night and also to prepare the social hall for pinata festivities while the rest of the participants are caroling.  If you can help please contact me!

YRUU Holiday Gift Project
Sunday, December 14, 10:30-2:00(ish)
High School youth and youth advisors should each arrive at BUF at 10:30 a.m. with 4 dozen of the SAME KIND of cookie (someone should bring a couple of kinds of gluten free....).  During the service, youth and advisors will make plates of mixed cookies to sell during the coffee hour.  The group will then take their earnings to the mall (or some other department store) to purchase gifts for our Interfaith Family.  Youth advisors have the specs of the family in need.  Contact me if you have questions!

Coming of Age Workshop: Spirituality, Rituals, Worship
Sunday, December 14, 6:30 p.m.
Youth in Coming of Age and mentors are encouraged to attend this special workshop. We will discuss the essential elements of worship. Youth and Mentors will sign up for providing the worship experience for subsequent workshops and youth will begin to think about the Children's Worship Service that they will lead.

Christmas Pageant 
Sunday, December 21, 10:30
Help Wanted! I will be out of town, celebrating Calley's graduation from college! Dee Dee Marshall will lead the children's choir, Paul will be our service leader, I am working on assigning pageant parts but need someone to direct the pageant, also someone to work with me to ensure we have needed costumes/props.... If you would like to be involved in making this year's pageant great-- please let me know ASAP!

Christmas Eve-- Two Services!
One service will be at 6:00 p.m. and will feature the Children's Choir. The other will be at 8:00 p.m. and will feature the BUF Choir.

I hope you all have a very merry Holiday Season!


Friday, November 7, 2014

RE Happenings in November 2014

Greetings BUF Families,

It is that time again for an update about what is happening for children and youth at BUF!
  • Note about children starting up front in the sanctuary...
  • Martinmas Activities, 11/9 and 11/12
  • Children's Choir Rehearsals
  • Mandatory Coming of Age Orientation, 11/16
  • Challenge Course (date/time TBD)
  • Middle School Lock In, 11/22-11/23

Children Starting in the Service on the Dais
You may have noticed that we have had children begin the service up front on the dais a few times. We are attempting to make room in the pews because attendance at BUF has been so high recently-- what a wonderful problem to have! We will be trying this going forward, on all the Sundays that are 1) Not Children's Worship Sundays (when we begin in the flex room already) and 2) When we are not having a fully multigenerational service (like our Halloween service) when they will need a comfortable place to be for the whole time. I will continue my efforts to usher children up front until we all get used to this. Please feel free to sit up front with your child if that would be helpful. If you have questions or feedback-- please let me know!

3rd Anual Martinmas Celebration-- please note the several related activities below:

Sunday, November 9-- Children's Worship Service
Children in grades K-5 will come directly to the Flex Room on Sunday, at 10:30, for a special Children's Worship Service. We will re-enact some of the wonderful works of St. Martin, sing special Martinmas songs, share our own reflections, take/honor our collection of children's clothing and linens for Lydia Place, and take a special monetary collection for an organization to be voted on by the children in June.

Special RE Activities
  • Children's Clothing and Linen Drive: We have been advertising a children's clothing and linen drive-- some donations have already come in-- we are still accepting more through Wednesday, November 12. Especially needed: Pillows and pillow cases, Twin sheets, Full sized sheets, Individual room fans, Shower curtains, and bath mats for 4 bathrooms. 
  • Lantern Making Activity, Sunday, November 9-- after the Children's Worship service children will be invited to make candle lanterns that can be used during our Lantern Parade.

Wednesday, November 12: RE Sponsored Community Night Dinner... 
  • Lantern Making before dinner from 5:00 to 6:00(especially for children who were unable to come on Sunday to make their lanterns).
  • Dinner from 6:00-7:00-- the plan for dinner is lentil soup (half vegetarian, half with Italian sausage), assorted breads (including gluten-free), carrot salad, green salad, and cinnamon apples (apples cut into cross-sections, dusted with cinnamon, and baked -- looks like a real "dessert" but is unsweetened.)
  • Lantern Parade-- some time between 6:30 and 7:00-- when children have finished eating. We will walk the neighborhood with our lanterns and sing the Martinmas songs that we learned on Sunday
How You Can Help!
  • Parent Volunteers, we need a few parent volunteers on Sunday morning so I can give the regular RE Teachers the day off. Please contact Crystal Neva, if you are able to help!
  • We need help with dinner prep! This is an RE sponsored event so we are recruiting parents and children who are available to help with cooking. Please go to the following link and scroll down to 11/12 dinner to sign up!
Children's Choir Rehearsals
Sundays, in the Sanctuary, 11:45-12:30
Children's Choir rehearsals will continue this month-- we will focus the first one on Martinmas music in continued preparation for our Martinmas Lantern Parade on November 12. Subsequent rehearsals will help children prepare for our Holiday Pageant on 12/21 and for one of our probably two Christmas Eve services-- more information about that coming soon....

Mandatory Coming of Age Orientation!
November, 16, 12:00ish, Flex Room
This orientation is for youth, mentors, and parents. All youth participants should already be confirmed-- mentor selections are well underway. Lunch will be provided!

Coming of Age Challenge Course for Youth and Mentors
Date and time to be determined....
Parents of youth and mentors will receive a doodle from me to come up with a date for this event-- our original date fell through with Camp Lutherwood!

Middle School Lock-In
Saturday, November 22-November 23, 6:00 p.m. to 10:30 a.m.
All middle school youth are invited to spend the night at BUF on Saturday, November 22! The group will eat dinner together, play games, watch movies, make mischief.... This is a great bonding activity for coming age youth as well as the rest of the class. I will send a list of what your youth should bring... to middle school families. Please let me know if you don't hear from me in the next week or so!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

October Festivities!

Greetings Parents,

It's that time again for an update about what is going on in Children's Programs at BUF!

We have had a strong start this fall! I hope you are enjoying the RE Minutes at the beginning of the worship services. It is nice to have an opportunity to let the whole community know about the great things your children and youth are doing! I am also enjoying the stories and absolutely loving that our kids don't have to sit through announcements anymore!

Of course the pesky announcements still need to be made so we all know what is going on; so... here is your update for the upcoming month.

Read on to learn more about:
·      RE Registration Update
·      All Church Retreat 10/3-10/5
·      Mandatory Parent Information Meeting for OWL for Children in Grades 4-5—(10/6)
·      RE Sponsored Community Night Dinner and Dia De Los Muertos (10/8)
·      Children's Worship Service (10/12)
·      Mandatory Parent Child Orientation for OWL for Children in Grades 4-5 (10/12)
·      Kids Feeding Kids Sunday (10/19)
·      Middle School Visits Christ the King (10/19)
·      Middle School and High School Create BUF's traditional Haunted House (10/19)
·      Fall Harvest Festival (10/25)
·      Multigenerational Worship Service (10/26)
·      Find Your Place at BUF (10/26)
·      Coming of Age... it's coming!

RE Registration Update
We have had a good response to our Registration push this fall, however there are still many regular attendees who are not registered yet.

It is important for our records that you fill out a registration form for each church year (good from September-June). Please check with Crystal if you are unsure if your child is registered or not!

All Church Retreat
Friday, October 3-5, Camp Kirby

Our Whole Lives (OWL)—Values Based Human Sexuality Curriculum for Children in Grades 4-5
Considered by many parents to be the single most important thing we offer our children! This 8-week curriculum gives 4th and 5th grade children age appropriate, accurate, and relationship based information about puberty and sexuality. Don’t let your child miss out on this great opportunity—come to the parent meeting to find out more!

  • Mandatory Parent Information Meeting—Monday, October 6, 7:00 pm
  • Mandatory Parent Child Orientation—Sunday, October 12, 6:30-8:30
  • Class Sessions for Children—Sundays from October 19 through December 7 from 6:30-8:00

Children’s Worship—Hunger In Our Community
Sunday, October 12, 10:30 am
Children in grades K-5 begin upstairs in the Flex Room for a special worship service just for them. We will have these monthly on second Sundays. Children play music for each other, interact about things that matter, and participate in a special collection.  We collect money all year long in a jar and in June we vote on an agency to donate our money to.

Kids Feeding Kids Sunday
Sunday, October 19, 10:30
Children will help bring up the food collection this week in honor of our efforts to supply the Bellingham Food Bank with at least 1000 units of baby food during the month of October. This ritual is especially effective and meaningful if the children and youth of the congregation actually bring food on this day! Food donations can be brought any time and left in the baskets by the front doors.

Middle School Church Visit-- Christ the King!
Sunday, October 19, (arrive at BUF by 10:30 am) to carpool over in time for their 11:15 service.
Our middle school class always incorporates church visits in their curriculum to explore many faith traditions and ponder the role religion plays in our lives. This is one of the most interesting and memorable aspects of my UU education when I was that age. I hope your youth can make it!

Haunted House Creation!
Sunday, October 19, 12:30-3:00 pm
Middle school and high school youth are invited to create our traditional haunted house! We will operate the Haunted House during the Fall Festival and the Sunday before Halloween! All youth are encouraged to participate!

Multigenerational Worship-- Strangers as Guides!
Sunday, October 26, 10:30
BUF members and friends of all ages will worship together in this festive holiday service! All BUFsters are encouraged to come in costume and participate in our annual costume parade!

Find Your Place at BUF
Sunday, October 26, 11:45...
This event happens concurrently with coffee hour. Leaders/representatives from BUF's programs, groups, and committees .. host a table in the social hall to give people more information about their group. Be sure to check it out!

Coming of Age...
This is an extracurricular program for youth in grades 7-8. Our program begins with a Mandatory Orientation for Youth, Parents and Adult Mentors on November 16th at 12:30 pm.  Parents and eligible youth will receive a special invitation to participate with a request of a commitment by mid-late October. How will I know your son/daughter is in 7th or 8th grade and is potentially interested? Why he/she will be registered in our program, of course!

Hope you enjoy this beautiful season!